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J & J Transportation


Our company is named after our founders’ wives. Tim Meagher's wife is Jacquie and Tom Westmeier's wife is Judie, hence J & J. Tom and Tim began operating the company out of Tom’s basement in Louisville in 1988. Mark Plummer joined the company shortly thereafter and we have been growing ever since. Our Indianapolis, IN terminal opened later that same year. We now have around 20 employees.

We operate as a transportation broker and contract with thousands of contract carriers throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Warehousing and distribution services are also available. Terminals are located in Louisville, KY and Indianapolis, In.

While we hang our hat on brokering LTL & VOLUME LTL, we also provide service on T/L shipments. Our operation combines LTL shipments from our many customers into a full load that moves from our dock directly to the consignees’ docks without the extra handling of break bulks and destination city terminals. Because of this reduced handling and the fact that the majority of our freight is on pallets, claims are a rare occurrence at J & J. Our customers’ shipments arrive to their customers on time and in the same condition it was tendered to us, and at a competitive price.

"Whether you are a shipper, consignee or a carrier, we are anxious to hear from you and begin doing business. We pride ourselves on our relationship with both, our customers and carriers. Consignees are contacted prior to the trailers being loaded, which eliminates most of the carrier’s problems. Our payment policies are the fastest and most dependable in the industry."

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